Blessings from Sanur

Our latest stay was at which is only a quick 15 minute scooter ride to Sanur beach. We happened upon an event....always in Bali blessings‼️


Prosperous New Year

Add the perfect feng shui element of a beautiful expertly detailed handcrafted Bali Buddha. Blessed and deeply rooted in Balinese soil thos sustainable piece of art is made from Suar wood more familiarly known as Monkey Pod Wood. 

Buddha carvings, Buddha statues   

Buddha carvings, Buddha statues 


Ubud-Cremation Ceremony

Whilst in Ubud Bali this August there was a large cremation service held in Ubud. At times I felt as if this was a public-private cultural ceremony but I found everyone to be quite nice and friendly!  

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Don't Mess With Baby

While visiting Monkey Forrest in Ubud Bali, I saw what I thought was the beginning of monkey revolution. Of course I started backing up I don't trust them! I've seen them mug people of their sandals (while dangling on their foot), snatch water bottles and play tug of war with purses, caps and anythingthey can grab.


However, upon a much closer look these two were just protecting a baby; maybe theirs I don't know but they flanked her take a look! 

Bali Sunsets

There are somethings in life that occur everyday and most of us don't get to enjoy watching sunsets! 

Family time

Family time

Daily Dose of Bali Beauty


Bali is known for their beautiful lush green rice terraces. I cannot count the amount  of rice terrace photo's I have, they are all so different just take a look at those clouds!

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We have the widest selection of Bali Wood Carvings direct from Balinese artisans. Each wood sculpture is hand selected to provide you with the finest piece of art possible. Feng Shui your space with a beautiful hand carved one of a kind sculpture. The presence of a wood element is also an expression of health, vitality, prosperity and vision.

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The Perfect View

While on our way to Lake Bratan Temple, we stopped off at at local warung had lovely food, nice cold beer and this view! 

Beach Day

There is something magical about the beach, sun, sand, and the ocean! Every single time I find myself in Bali I wish I were a surfer.

Dose Of Bali Beauty

This photo was taken at Bali Bird and Reptile Park. I've been once before and enjoyed it tremendously.

However, the last time we were being followed by someone that stopped and asked if we needed directions. Once we said no he continued to follow and annoy us while in the park! So we spoke to management received our $23.00 refund back per ticket.  



I was inside long enough for a short clip😐 


What's that smell? Frangipani!

One of the best things about Bali is the light fragrant floral scents scattered about all over! My favorite scent has become frangipani aka plumeria. I love all products with this scent,  I am completely and utterly addicted!

BaliBoutiqueOnLine will be looking into adding the best frangipani/plumeria beauty products!

Cheeky Monkey

There are many things that I love about Bali but one of them are not monkeys.  This year we stayed at the best resort ever 

One of our favorite times is breakfast time. Not only are we getting a fresh, healthy, and sturdy breakfast; we also get to overlook the rice terraces and the resort grounds which are absolutely stunning.


All of a sudden I look up and here comes a monkey on the railing headed directly towards me. I jumped up and moved back also forgetting  to pick up my Iphone and he sat down and started eating breakfast number one. And that cheeky little monkey went on  to eat breakfast number two I think he licked the plate! Look for yourself😩

What to pack this time

It's that time already! Back en route to my favorite place in the whole world Ubud Bali.Of course getting ready for the trip always seems to rack  up dollars  quick. Things I don't normally use on a day to day basis or more seasonal. For example,  I need lotion (smaller lighter sized bottle) mosquito repellent oh yeah even ore mosquito repellent!