Since ages past, Buddha statues have been used by many people, both Buddhist and non-Buddhist, for different purposes. Some use it to attract luck, happiness, wealth and peace to their homes, while other use is as a decorative art work for their homes and offices.

There are many different types of Buddha images in existence. Some of them include Laughing Buddha, Carefree Buddha, Flowing Fortune Buddha, Lucky Buddha, etc. The most popular among them is the Lucky Buddha, also known as the Buddha of wealth, luck and success. It is usually the Buddha statue recommended for first time buyers.

If you are looking to buy your first Lucky Buddha image, here are a few things you need to consider to make your spending worth it:

The physical look of the Lucky Buddha Statue

There are many different design concepts and types of Lucky Buddha Statues. Some are made with wood, some in paper, while some are made with stones. The Lucky Buddha you choose should appeal to you strongly and move you to want to discover its presentations and meaning.

How much is your budget?

When coming up with your budget, anticipate such costs as shipping, installations and taxes. As this is your first purchase, you don’t need to be scared of being conservative with your budget. Though you will want to get the best quality Lucky Buddha statue, you should be careful not to overshoot your budget.

Get as much knowledge as you can about it

Since this might probably be your first purchase of an art work, you need to also research on the artist who did the work. You can get this information from the artist’s CV which you can get from the internet or the gallery from where you want to make the purchase.

Having this knowledge will help you know the level of talent associated with the artist and so be able to predict their future growth in the market.

Choose a good gallery or website to buy from

There are many inferior yet expensive Lucky Buddha statues in various galleries and websites. So you should ensure you go to galleries and or websites that are reputable for selling genuine art works. An example is BaliBoutique. They are known for providing their clients with genuine and high quality, handcrafted artwork from Bali. You can check them out and be assured of getting a genuine and high quality Lucky Buddha statue.

Be sure to know how to preserve it

Like every other art work, many Lucky Buddha statues are made with delicate materials that require careful handling to be able to store or install it. You need to take your time to understand the best handling practices of the statue. This information can be easily gotten from the artist or their representative.

Finally, getting a good quality Lucky Buddha can bring you good luck, wealth and happiness, while also being a decoration for your home or office. Take these precautions and you will sure get the best value for your money.

 Michelle Johnson is an art enthusiast and works with experienced Bali artisans who are masters in their field, to sell their excellent and creative art works. Each of her collectibles is one of a kind and any variations are organic and natural, which makes it an original. She is the founder of BaliBoutiqueonline, an online store where she sells these original and unique art works from Bali.